Shahada Ritual


About the Shahada

The process of becoming a Muslim is know as taking the Shahada. Shahada means bearing witness. The steps are very simple and they consist of making two declarations.  The first declaration is that you bear witness that there is no God, but God. The second, is bearing witness that Muhammed is God’s messenger.

Taking the Shahada

When taking the Shahada, the Imam will ask you to repeat the declaration in Arabic after him.

Transliteration:   Ash-hado anla ilaha illa-allah, Wa Ash-hado ana Muhammadun rasul-Allah

Translation:  There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Arranging the Shahada Service

Masjid Al-Fatiha will assist with shahada ritual to anyone interested in accepting tslam.  Although the shahada can be taken at anytime by anyone, it is always a joyous occasion to take the shahada after Friday prayer in front of the community so that the community can celebrate with you .  However, if you prefer a private service, that can also be arranged.

When you are ready to take the shahada, please contact Imam Haji Rahmat to make arrangements.