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        2021-01-28 10:35


        Rotary dehumidifier belongs to an important branch of air conditioning field, which is a typical representative of heating dehumidification. At present, the main producing areas of rotary dehumidifier in the world are concentrated in the United States, Japan, Sweden and China. China's rotary dehumidifier has also developed for more than 20 years. In recent years, China's industrial upgrading and the demand for rotary dehumidifier has increased sharply. China's rotary dehumidifier enterprises have also achieved great development and gradually been recognized by Chinese consumers.


        Wheel dehumidifier is a very good dehumidifier, whether for household or industrial use. In the normal application process, there will be a variety of problems. The equipment itself will not have problems, but it will fail due to external factors. Abnormal startup is one of the most serious problems.



        There are four main reasons for abnormal start of rotary dehumidifier: low power supply voltage, circuit fuse burned out, capacitor damaged, relay not reset, etc. In addition to understanding the reason of abnormal starting of the rotary dehumidifier, some matters need to be paid attention to. Next, let's give you a detailed introduction.


        In order to avoid failure when using the rotary dehumidifier, we need to know some details, such as:


        1. The application space of the rotary dehumidifier should not be less than 50 cm, and the ventilation should be good, the ground should be quiet and flat, so as to prevent shaking and noise, and then ensure excellent dehumidification effect. 2. Can not be used in the sun and open air conditions, this can not show its effect, but will damage the dehumidifier. 3. The rotary dehumidifier can not be transformed without permission to prevent doubt or safety accident. 4. The rotary dehumidifier should use a special power supply instead of sharing a power socket with other electrical appliances. 5. In the process of using the rotary dehumidifier, the switch should be closed in time when not in use. 6. The air inlet and outlet of dehumidifier should be dredged to prevent blocking.