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      2020-12-28 11:32


      When the weather is humid, especially in the rainy season of Huinan and Meiyu in the south, it is difficult to dry the clothes. Even if they are forced to dry, they still have a smell and feel uncomfortable to wear.


      This time you need to use the dryer, but the dehumidifier is a better choice. The dehumidifier is mobile, unlike the air conditioner or the washing machine, which can only stay in a fixed place,


      The dehumidifier only works by absorbing moisture from the air. It draws air from the room through vents and through a set of cooled metal coils. When the air meets the condensing tube, the water in the air condenses and forms droplets, which fall into the collecting barrel or discharge.


      The use of dehumidifier will greatly reduce the moisture in the air, to achieve the air humidity we need, so as to prevent the accumulation of any mold or moist substances in the home.


      On rainy days in southern China, the air humidity is very high, which is not only reflected in the feeling. There is water on the ground, on the glass and on the walls, but the clothes and home are damp and easy to get moldy. It is difficult to really dry the clothes washed during this period.


      Move the dehumidifier to the place where the clothes are to be dried. Blow it on the clothes. It can dry in one day, and there is no strange smell caused by humidity.


      The fresh air dehumidifier has its own drainage pipe. These devices continuously discharge water without emptying the bucket. The only drawback of these systems is that they have to be close to the drain, so you have to hang your washing machine in a room with a gutter or sink.


      Dryer is the main way people think of drying clothes. But the dryer is expensive and energy consumption is very high, so the actual cost may be too high. Another difference between dehumidifiers and dryers is the way clothes are dried. Because the dryer uses heat, the clothes will feel stiff and rough. This is because almost all of them are "dry.". Using a clothes rack and dehumidifier means your clothes won't feel stiff