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      2020-11-25 13:44


      Now the wheel dehumidifier is finally gradually realized. With it, the waterproof and dehumidification effect in the rain is much better than before, but it is also like the central air conditioning, and it must be cleaned in application time. What's the problem with it? In fact, it is not difficult to remove it in time, although it is not easy to damage the wheel dehumidifier, but timely cleaning the wheel dehumidifier can not only ensure the wet and cold characteristics, but also conducive to my physical and mental health.


      Many customers blindly go with the wind, why use a year of dehumidifier, the performance of wheel dehumidifier will be reduced? There are many reasons for the decrease of humidity. In addition to improper operation, cleaning the dehumidifier regularly is one of them.



      Therefore, it is necessary to use the air conditioner cleaning machine to clean the evaporator of the air conditioner to eliminate the stains, so that the characteristics of the channel dehumidifier are not easy to reduce. Needless to say, dehumidifier refers to cleaning the shell, control panel and filtering device. It is very important to clean the evaporator of air conditioner. The dehumidifier on the working site is relatively humid and cold, and it is an amusement park for the transmission of pathogenic virus.


      If the dehumidifier works for a long time, the inlet and outlet will be filled with dust, which will lead to virus infection and pathogen growth, not to mention the heat exchanger blocking a large number of dust and bacteria. If blown up, people will feel all kinds of diseases. Has the dehumidifier used to improve the quality of life become the culprit of health? Don't I think this dehumidifier must be cleaned in time?


      Cleaning dehumidifier can not only ensure the normal operation of the dehumidifier, make the dehumidifier more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, improve the service life, but also remove bacteria, so as to ensure the physical and mental health of the family.