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      2018-08-13 15:29
      The electrical connection of the humidifier needs to be carried out by qualified professionals.
      The power supply used by the unit should be provided by a dedicated line. The unit provides a complete internal circuit. The installation and configuration of the circuit are in accordance with the voltage and frequency specified in the equipment nameplate. The machine can not operate beyond the voltage and frequency of the manufacturing range.
      The main power supply line of the unit is a five-color cable, which is connected to the corresponding terminal row of the electrical cabinet of the unit.
      Before the unit is connected to the main power supply, the three-phase AC power supply should be checked to ensure that the range of voltage fluctuation does not exceed 10% of the indicated voltage and frequency of the equipment. It is insulated from the power supply during inspection and service.
      The fusing power of fuses must be consistent with the type and type of installed units. The fuse should be installed on the easy-to-touch unit control board; the cable size and fusing power, power supply cable and main fuse must have the correct size and fusing power for the installed unit. See the attached electrical data for details; the power supply line of the unit needs to be protected against fire and power failure in time. Identify problems and reduce unnecessary troubles.