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      2018-07-03 17:46
      1. It is very important to reserve compact space for cleaning and maintenance. It is generally required that the constant temperature and humidity machine can be more than 600mm away from walls and other obstacles.
      2. In order to prevent frost in the constant temperature and constant humidity machine, the unit should not be exposed to the environment where the temperature is lower than the air dew point. In addition, if the unit is installed outside, the protection measures should be taken properly, and the entry of snow and rain and frost should be prevented.
      3, the installation of constant temperature and constant humidity machine should be ventilated, should avoid strong electromagnetic, oil smoke, wind sand and dust large place, and should be far away from heat source, corrosive gas, and exist or may exist or may be combustible gas, steam and air mixture of explosion dangerous place;
      4. Outdoor unit installation needs open space to ensure good heat dissipation for outdoor condensers. Drainage ditch or piping should be installed around the unit to remove condensate.