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      2018-06-04 22:01
      In the spring and summer, it is generally the southern and wet climate, the coming of the Meiyu season, the room has the feeling of moldy, and in the north, the apartment problem is also easy to cause some room more humid, so how to dehumidification of the room right? Most people will choose dehumidifiers, and some will choose to use air conditioners to dehumidification. What are the different effects of air conditioners and dehumidifiers?
      1. Dehumidification of air conditioning
      In the process of air conditioning releasing the cold air, the temperature of the hot and humid air goes down after the cooling of the air conditioner, the air is in the saturated state, the water vapor condenses on the evaporator in the form of condensate water, and the air humidity will fall naturally to a certain extent. Therefore, not only the cooling effect is achieved, but also the moisture is removed.
      Two, dehumidifier dehumidification
      Dehumidifier as a professional dehumidification furniture for some special humid places, the effect is still good, dehumidifier is mainly the use of air vapor into the evaporator frosting, and then drained into the lower water outlet, to achieve dehumidification purposes.
      Combined with the above two points, dehumidifier for dehumidification is relatively professional, and dehumidifier in the process of dehumidification can be freely moved, can be dehumidifying every need to operate in the place. If it is general dehumidification, air conditioning can be competent, but the air conditioning can only be fixed in one seat, in fact, they are different in the field of industry, the air conditioner is mainly aimed at the temperature, and the dehumidifier is aimed at dehumidification.