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      2017-10-23 14:49
      According to the latest news from the small partners in Southern China, underwear has been in an emergency. After returning to the South sky, East China will also usher in the rainy season. A continuous overcast and rainy weather will greatly increase the humidity in the air. Wet floors, musty walls, and heavy, stuffy breathing should be the experience of most southern students, too high humidity can easily induce many diseases.  So, what's worth buying (SMZDM.com) introducing a dehumidifier in the wet season, hoping to send a dry breeze to friends who have been hurt by magic.
      Before the purchase of dehumidifier, many people may have a question: the last century air conditioning has dehumidification function, why buy a dehumidifier to occupy the place? Is the so-called "specialize in", dehumidifier in efficiency, energy consumption is not comparable to the general air conditioning. Here, starting from their respective working principles, with you to explore.
      Air conditioning in refrigeration mode, in fact, also has a certain dehumidification capacity, wet air through the evaporator, the excess water condensation. But as long as the temperature reaches the set temperature, the air conditioning will suspend operation, additional functions of dehumidification naturally so far; as for the independent "desiccant" mode, it is through the condensing evaporator in part after the air is heated to room temperature blow out, so this model is also called the "constant temperature dehumidification household"; dehumidifier and air conditioning is the core principle of "dehumidification mode" roughly the same, but in the dehumidification capacity, speed and other parameters have great advantages, correspondingly, the water storage / drainage and other links are optimized. At the same time, air conditioning compressor long time power consumption is large, but also easy to affect the service life of equipment. In addition, the fixed air conditioning position, in the process of use will also bring great constraints.
      Thus, the dehumidifier has many unique advantages. Next, we will specifically introduce several dehumidifier single product, we can combine their own living environment, indoor area, to choose the most suitable commodity.